Worthy Causes

These are Non-Profits, Open Source organizations, and Kickstarters that we support when we can.


Boy Scouts of America
The Salvation Army 

Open Source

The Mozilla Foundation



  1. what about the free software foundation?

    1. While I support the FSF's sentiments, I don't see much movement in their projects.
      For example, Gnash is virtually obsolete (Lightspark is better), there is no replacement for Skype, and they don't have automatic transcription started yet.

      That said, coreboot seems to be working well (but that has Google pushing it), video editing software is out there (OpenShot, KdenLive, etc.), and Marble is a (decent) replacement for Google maps.
      Out of the semi-successful projects, there is only one that has had the direct involvement of the FSF, and that is GNU Octave. LibreDWG is also available, but the projects that would use it cannot use it due to GPL license restrictions (GPLv2 only is not compatible with GPLv3 or later).

      I do support the mission of the free software foundation. I just can't support them when it seems like their support is the kiss of death for a project. With some examples that the community does outside of the auspices of the FSF.

      BTW, I have been following coreboot (and when I have sent my PC in for repair, I'll start developing for it, if I have the time).