Monday, May 6, 2019

On Removing The Conspiracy Theorists from Facebook (And other Sites)

The power being wielded against Jones et. al., is disturbing, not because of whom it is being wielded against, but rather that it is being wielded at all. The power to remove conspiracy theorists and bigots is also the power to remove those who hold reasonable or non-objectionable views.
I found it interesting that, when GoDaddy moved against The Daily Stormer, the CEO wasn't sure that anyone should have the power that he was wielding, yet he still wielded it to remove the website from the internet.
Conspiracy theorists and bigots are the canaries in the coal mine of free speech. When you take them out, you've established precedent that people with objectionable views can be acted against. And then, inevitably, the goalposts WILL move. Many of those supporting this think that they'll control, or benefit from the those moving goalposts, but they forget one major truth: The Mensheviks WILL be purged.

Today we live in a world where private, non-governmental entities have more capacity for censorship than most governments - and no real legal limits on that capacity. Per

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