Saturday, May 26, 2018

Reorganize the Militia

The Militia needs to be reorganized.
The current "National Guard, armed and paid for by Uncle Sam" and "Completely Unorganized Militia" system, has serious weaknesses. The National Guard is more akin in practice to the Army Reserve than they are to an organized militia, and the unorganized militia would rely upon "quantity has a quality all of its own" to achieve anything. Thus I propose that we establish a drilling militia, paid for and equipped by militia members, as follows:
1. Allow people to deduct taxes from voluntary militia drill time. Any time spent practicing militia skills or repairing militia equipment shall count.
2. Allow the militia to pool their resources and purchase military surplus weapons and equipment, to be owned by the militia, not Uncle Sam. Also issue end user certificates to allow for purchase of non-US produced weapons and equipment. All NFA items will be permitted for militia service.
3. Create a higher tax deduction for those with certain militia critical skills - Ham operators, medical professionals of all stripes, mechanics, gunsmiths, prior military,
4. Expand and reorganize MARS and any similar groups in other hobbies and fold them into the militia. Require all services to maintain interoperability with MARS.
5. Create certain official militia positions (not really officers, more lead specialist), to be filled by methods determined by state legislatures. These positions should be unpaid, tax deductible at the same rate as those skills noted in #2, and shall be directly related to a militia critical skill. These officers shall be strictly voluntary, but will have to meet certain minimum equipment and time requirements (one weekend a month), or lose the position. One of these positions shall be an administrator, to keep track of drill time and issue proof of drill time for tax purposes.

Of course, I'm assuming that the NFA is still active in this scenario, even though the ability to pass this probably means the ability repeal the NFA.

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