Monday, May 21, 2018

On "Compromise"

Gun control isn't the answer to the recent spate of school shootings. In fact, there are sources out there that suggest that the most recent one was committed not just with a shotgun, but a sawed off one at that - a class of firearm that has been highly regulated since 1934, such that making one is expensive, and requires government permission and registration. "More gun control" on top of the thousands of federal, state, and local laws is throwing good money after bad, and giving the government power that it not only doesn't need, but shouldn't have.

If you really want more gun control, you're going to need to offer an actual compromise. Not some wishy washy "we didn't take everything we wanted". That's not compromise. Compromise is give and take. For example, we classify bump-fire stocks as machine guns, in return for repealing the Hughes amendment and reopening the machine gun registry. Of course POTUS may very well have rendered that a moot point (we'll see once the legal challenges hit SCOTUS).

More to follow.

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