Friday, June 24, 2016

Fuck Tranzis - My take on "Brexit"

Great Britain just voted to leave the EU. Good for them. They've stood up for their national sovereignty, and given the Tranzis in Europe a bloody nose. The EU may continue for a while, but with the precedent set by this, and the shenanigans that the EU and some of it's member nations engage in, it is unlikely to continue for much longer. Just as the League of Nations could not survive long without the US, so to is it unlikely that the EU will be able to continue for long without Great Britain.
Britain was the second largest economy in the EU (both nominal and PPP) and has a significantly larger defense budget than France or Germany, the now second and first largest economies in the EU. In fact, Britain is one of only four countries in NATO that come close to matching their defense spending pledges - the others being the US, Poland, and Estonia.
The loss of such a large economy and military has profound implications for the EU. British funds will no longer pay for EU boondoggles. British troops and nuclear deterrent are now allied assets, only willing to help if someone else starts the war.
Great Britain has freed themselves of a parasite.

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