Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Korora 22 KDE

I recently upgraded from Korora 21 Darla to Korora 22 Selena.
My first impression is that KDE Plasma 5 looks a lot better than KDE Plasma 4. My second impression is that, besides looking better, everything still works - nothing is broken.
I switch back and forth between Linux and Windows - I'd probably spend more time on Linux, but only 13 of my Steam games will run on it. On my gaming PC, I run Windows almost exclusively, but on my laptop its the other way around. In fact, I only ever boot Windows on my laptop to perform updates.
And its all because of Korora.
Ease of use? Check.
Web browser, email client, and office suite? Check.
Korora is, in fact, easier to set up and use than Windows 7. A lot easier. I'm certain that it'll be easier than Windows 10.

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