Monday, January 20, 2014

Governor Chris Christie

He should step down until his scandal is cleared up.

Seriously, Governor Chris Christie should step down until it is determined by a third party, non-affiliated investigator whether or not he was involved in closing down a bridge in retaliation for not supporting his reelection campaign (Bridgegate).

That said, he did own up to being ultimately responsible for the actions of his staff. Thus, I am not calling for his immediate resignation, only a pause in his administration.

While I disagree with Chris Christie's policies, I do respect his (apparent) integrity, in so far as he is not trying to cover up. He came out, admitted that it did happen, and took steps to correct it (fired the staff member allegedly responsible).

The closest analog in recent history to Chris Christie's Bridgegate would be President Barack Obama's IRS Scandal.

From Fisher: I don't really care about what happens to Christie or what he does so long as he doesn't run for president. Ever. The Republicans don't need another New England candidate who only looks conservative in comparison to the other politicians in their state.

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