Monday, January 20, 2014

Governor Chris Christie

He should step down until his scandal is cleared up.

Seriously, Governor Chris Christie should step down until it is determined by a third party, non-affiliated investigator whether or not he was involved in closing down a bridge in retaliation for not supporting his reelection campaign (Bridgegate).

That said, he did own up to being ultimately responsible for the actions of his staff. Thus, I am not calling for his immediate resignation, only a pause in his administration.

Rope is Cheap and Reuseable

Apparently the drugs used for lethal injections are in short supply, causing some states to consider going back to the firing squad and others to look for new alternatives, and causing some people to talk about cruel and unusual punishment.
They should go back to hanging them. Cruel and unusual punishment is meant to limit the punishment to that appropriate for the crime, so that petty thieves don't receive the sort of punishment that those guilty of first degree murder do.
Rather than trying to find the ultimate in painless death - which given the inability to ask the deceased anything is rather pointless - we should be be looking for quick and cheap. Forget the firing squad - send them to the long drop. Even if an accidental beheading occurs, the long drop is the guaranteed quickest and cheapest form of execution.

Martin Luther King Day

Today we celebrate the life of the man who defines American civil disobedience. America is a better place because of him.