Wednesday, May 15, 2013

China and dubious territorial claims.

China is attacking Japan for their possession of the Senkaku islands, claiming that the islands in question are actually part of Taiwan - which China also claims, but doesn't control.

In addition, China is trying to pressure Japan by also claiming Okinawa.

Rather than achieving their goals, this incredibly dubious claim over an island that has been a Japanese possession since 1879, is inhabited not by Chinese, but by Japanese, and which was not actually ever controlled by China - the kingdom of the Ryukyus, while a Chinese vassal, was an independent country, has just made the Japanese even firmer than before.

Given how numerous Chinese territorial disputes with other countries are, and how much tension is generated over its unjustified claims, I'm thinking that someone is going to go to war with the PRC before too long.

The Middle East and Southeast Asia are the two biggest world hot spots at the moment. The middle east because of Iran and Syria, Southeast Asia because of China and North Korea. The next war that the US gets involved in is going to be in one of those four countries, barring an unforeseen change in the situation.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Speaking as a Coloradoan...

I really hope that the recall efforts against multiple anti-gun politicians in Colorado succeed. They gave us gun control, now we need to express that we really didn't want gun control in the most obvious way possible -voting them out of office.

Pueblo Freedom and Rights, the group that is spearheading the recalls, is collecting signatures, money, and volunteer hours.

Look what I found...

All of these pages are worth checking out.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

"Game-Changing Weapons"

Hezbollah says that Syria is going to give it "Game-Changing weapons". I don't think that Hezbollah would enjoy changing the game in the way that I think they mean. While Israel likes to make it's possible possession of nuclear weapons ambiguous, it does most definitely have ICBMs, the Jericho III, and they must have something for the Jericho III to deliver.

On 3D Printed Firearms

At the order of the US Government, the design for the first completely 3D printed gun has been taken off of the internet, because it may violate arms-control regulations. Ignoring for the moment the sheer inanity of trying to get rid of something that has already been downloaded by more than 100,000 people, and which has already shown up on The Pirate Bay, let us consider:
Putting the design for a weapon on the internet, where anyone can download it, and can, with access to the right tools and materials make said weapon, is a violation of international arms-control regulations?
While those who buy The Handgun or The Do It Yourself Submachine Gun will need access to more expensive tools, a JACO Pistol can be made with tools that most Americans have in their garages.
While the tools are different, the 3D printer required for  the Liberator 3D printed gun is quite a bit more expensive than the tools required to make a JACO Pistol, which has pretty much the same function as the Liberator, being a single shot pistol.

The design for a firearm is not the same thing as a firearm - Defense Distributed wasn't making firearms, they were making firearms blueprints - and given how many other firearm designs exist on the internet, given that the Liberator is not an effective firearm (unless your goal is to get a reaction), and given that someone with a normal garage can build a firearm that is just as effective as the Liberator, and that someone with a well-equipped garage can make a fully or semi-automatic firearm with ease, the Federal Government's actions are just plain stupid.

Google Search on "make a zip gun"