Thursday, March 14, 2013

On CPAC and the Future of Conservatism

Apparently the leaders in the Republican party are debating about what they need to do in order to keep on as a party.

My suggestion is to stop nominating two types of candidates: The bigoted idiots who drive independents to the Democrats and the RINO's who fail to inspire, especially among the fiscally conservative and libertarian minded Republicans and independents, because their only commendation is "he'll grow government slower than his opponent" and "he's inoffensive".

First there was John McCain, famous for crossing the aisle, a well known moderate Republican, who lost to Barack Obama, a man then new on the political scene in Washington.
Then there was Mitt Romney, who signed Romneycare into law in Massachusetts, who lost to Barack Obama, a man who, by then, had a proven record of failure, with not one, but two failed "stimulus packages" which provoked enough of a backlash to put the House back into Republican hands.

The lesson from those two is that RINO's don't make good presidential candidates. There are plenty of other lessons from the several election years from 2008 to now, most of them having to do with candidates who need to keep their fat mouths shut.

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