Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Firearms Idiocy

One from the Denver Post:
Colorado House Committee passes amended gun magazine limit
The most damning quotes from the article:

...State Rep. Mike McLachlan, D- Durango, who sits on the committee, offered the amendment to, he said, allow citizens to protect themselves.
"Fifteen is a reasonable number, and this is what I'm going to ask in my amendment," McLachlan said.
"It will keep killers from being killing machines," Chipman said.

Charles Robles traveled from Colorado Springs and said had it not been for a high-capacity magazine, he would not be alive.
"It helped me engage the three men who were shooting at me," said Robles in reference to a 2002 Memorial Day robbery at his small business. "I was shot five times, but I was able to save my life and fend off my attackers. "
Doug Smith, chief operating officer of the Colorado-based ammunition magazine manufacturer Magpul, said the measure would force his company to leave Colorado and take with it an estimated $85 million in potential spending this year.

State Rep. Daniel Kagan, D-Cherry Hills Village, who chairs the committee, said he did not want Magpul to leave the state.
"I want to protect manufacturing in Colorado," Kagan said...

 Fifteen is only a reasonable number from the perspectives of politicians, who have multiple armed bodyguards, criminals,  who get to choose when, where, and how they attack, terrorists, who get to choose when, where, and how they attack, and mass killers, who get to choose when, where, and how they attack. Everyone else has to defend themselves with little to no preparation or warning. I applaud Magpul for having the guts to vote with their feet. Also - "keep killers from being killing machines"? Mass killers, criminals, and terrorists are not noted for obeying the law, and even if they do remain compliant with this one law, they still get to pick the time, place, and methods, which gives them an extreme advantage over regular citizens, and since they control the circumstances, they will have the extra magazines - and the regular citizen won't. All any "high capacity magazine" ban does is give the bad guys an even bigger advantage than they already have. Fortunately, this hasn't yet passed the full Colorado house.

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