Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm starting to really dislike Biden

Time for some fisking to get a little steam out of my system. My comments in bold.

Biden takes on gun control opponents: "America's changed on this issue"

In a fiery speech at a Connecticut conference to reduce gun violence, Vice President Joe Biden today called out groups like the NRA, charging that their most typical questions and concerns are nothing more than stalling tactics.
"The organized opposition, the same opposition I've been involved with for 40 years of my career... they throw up question after question.... because they're looking for roadblocks," Biden said at the conference, at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Conn. Today's conference was just about 10 miles away from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., bringing the conversation about reducing gun violence back to the place that spurred it.
Perhaps they're concerned about violations of constitutional rights... Maybe that's why they're trying so hard to prevent/delay any gun control.
Biden today said that December's tragic mass shooting at Sandy Hook has changed the way the public looks at the issue of gun control, making it a national imperative.
"America's changed on this issue," he said. "We should all know the American people are with us."
Really? Are the American people with you? Perhaps a slight majority are, but a majority does not give you the right to take away my rights. To quote James Bovard, "Democracy must be more than two wolves and one sheep voting upon what to have for dinner."
Biden has played a key role in the administration's response to the tragic Newtown shooting, leading a White House task force on reducing gun violence, working with stakeholders and communicating with the public. He acknowledged today the strong opposition that still exists to gun control, remarking, "Every one of these chats I do on the Internet... it's amazing the questions that seep in."
Approximately one third of all Americans owns one or more guns. Every single American who knows basic gun safety knows more about guns than Biden or the average reporter. It's amazing that he's still willing to allow questions, given how little he knows about guns, and how willing some people must be to rub his ignorance in his face.
Just earlier this week, during a Facebook town hall event with Parents Magazine, Biden had to reassure his audience that stricter gun laws won't mean law-abiding citizens will have their guns taken away. Today, Biden again rebutted that concern and others.
"They say assault weapons like the AR-15 are needed for self protection or recreation -- they are not. There are plenty of ways you can protect yourself or recreate without one," he said. "They say it isn't about guns -- they're wrong . It is about guns... These assault weapons are unnecessary and dangerous weapons that put our law enforcement at risk."
 The AR-15 is a semi-automatic civilian version of the M16, a selective fire battle rifle. It shoots .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. In terms of function, the two rifles are not the same. The AR-15 fires in semi-automatic only - it fires only one round per trigger pull. The M16 is (depending upon variant) capable of semi-automatic, fully automatic, and burst - it can fire one round, the entire magazine, or three rounds in one trigger pull.
The AR-15 is useful as a self-defense weapon, a varmint rifle, and scaring anti-gun journalists and politicians who don't have a clue. The M16 does all of the same things, and is additionally, useful as a weapon of war. 
As to not needing and AR-15 for self defense and recreation, why would I use anything less than the best (not that the AR-15 is the best for either use)? Should I apply that same logic to cars? People don't need high performance cars. Construction equipment? They can use hammers and nails, just like people did back in the time of the Caesars. 
Using a break action shotgun or bolt action rifle for self-defense is like using a Corvair as a primary conveyance. It might get the job done, but it sacrifices effectiveness and adds unnecessary risks.
Furthermore, Biden insisted, effective gun control measures can be enacted "without infringing on anyone's -- anyone's -- constitutional right under the Second Amendment."
The vice president reviewed the proposals for reducing gun violence that he sent to President Obama after speaking with hundreds of groups on the issue and coming to a "consensus" on reasonable actions to take.
How does any sort of limitation on what I can and can't buy not an infringement?
Those include enacting a near universal background check system, limiting high capacity magazines and renewing and strengthening the assault weapons ban.
The Assault Weapons Ban doesn't affect function, only form, high capacity magazines currently exist in the millions, and I'm still waiting to hear how they're going to require and enforce private citizens performing background checks on private transactions, because every single gun store already runs background checks on every purchase.
He also mentioned enacting a federal gun trafficking statute, putting more officers in the street and encouraging research into gun violence. Mr. Obama and Biden are also proposing funding to give schools the choice of hiring a dedicated law enforcement officer or a school psychologist or counselor.
Hire a law enforcement officer with a gun, or another useless school psychologist/counselor... At least and LEO can actually shoot school shooters.
"We can't remain silent," he said. "We have to speak for those 20 beautiful children who died 69 days ago 12 miles from here."
The asswipe who committed that atrocity murdered his mother and stole her guns. I fail to see how any of your proposed "solutions" would solve that problem, with the exception of law enforcement officers in the schools, and the NRA already offered that solution.


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