Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Food and Movies

Israeli cuisine is having a moment

 Israelis may have been hoping 2013 would bring recognition for their cinematic prowess, with two Oscar-nominated documentaries, but its turning out to be "The Year of the Cookbook."

Whatever the misgivings about their Oscar candidates -- two films sharply critical of Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands -- Israelis were sorely disappointed to awaken Monday morning to find themselves without a single gold statuette.
Had they averted their gazes from garish Los Angeles to that other glittering metropolis, Paris, they might have felt better.
This weekend at an elegant ceremony at the Louvre, in the French capital, an Israeli cookbook called "Seafoodpedia" won "Best in World" in its category at the renowned Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, which are dubbed "the Oscars of international cookbooks."
Were they really disappointed? I don't really give a rat's *ss about the Oscars, so I don't really know how much the people of Israel want an Israeli movie to win in the Oscars, but given that the CBS article didn't quote any polls, I doubt that any significant number of people cared. And as to cuisine, I really doubt that any significant portion of any population can be convinced to care. I'm really wondering why CBS considers this to be news.

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