Thursday, February 21, 2013

China once again mounts an attack upon human rights

The same country which has in the past sat upon the UN Human Rights Council and which is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has once again attacked human rights.

China's Christians see mounting persecution in country's effort to disband churches, report finds

Christians and human rights advocates are alarmed over an aggressive crackdown on house churches in China, where the faithful are forced to call their gatherings "patriotic" assemblies or sent to prison where they can face torture, according to a new report.
Cases of the government persecuting Christians rose 42 percent last year, amid a three-phase plan by Beijing to eradicate the home-based churches, according to China Aid, a Texas-based human rights group. Experts say the Communist Party in China has long felt threatened by any movement that galvanizes a large sector of the population, fearing it could wield political clout. But the nation has become more systematically hostile to worshippers, according to Bob Fu, China Aid founder and president.
China doesn't fall into the depth of evil of the USSR, Nazi Germany, or the Kmer Rouge, but what they do is nonetheless evil, albeit, a soft, ignorable evil.

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