Monday, January 21, 2013

Mexican Vigilantes vs the Cartels

From Fox News:
Vigilante groups spring up in Mexico in fight against cartels

Frustrated by the impotency of the police to defend them against the cartels, many Mexican citizens have gone vigilante. I expect that the difference in results between the de facto lawmen and the de jure lawmen will eventually result in even more civil unrest in Mexico, but for now, the vigilantes seem to be doing a fair sight better of a job than the authorities. Some of whom have actually granted their seal of approval to the whole idea.
But clearly, the vigilante squads here present problems even in their first few weeks. The vigilantes in Guerrero are holding, by their own account, 44 people accused of crimes ranging from homicide to theft. Nobody outside the village of El Zapote, where they are being held in a makeshift jail, knows what conditions they are being held in, or what charges, if any, there are against them.
When the head of the Guerrero state Human Rights Commission, Juan Alarcon Hernandez, showed up to check on the prisoners' condition, he was met by about 100 angry villagers who said they didn't want anyone to visit the prisoners. "No, no, no. We want justice!" the crowd shouted.
When people take matters into their own hands, its generally because the law isn't doing the job, and as such, they rarely have an overly great respect for the authorities responsible for the mess. I wonder how it'll all end up.

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