Friday, January 18, 2013

Lawsuit against Obama

There is another lawsuit against President Obama.
This one has already gone to the Supreme Court and is scheduled to be considered on the 15th of February.

This one has some chance of removing President Obama from office. The important bit of information is that President Obama did not completely redact his tax documents -- his social security number was not redacted, even though it was blacked out.

The social security number is apparently 042-68-4425. It is important to note the first three digits, as each state has its own "blocks" which are occasionally extended. In this case, 042 is a block assigned to Connecticut. Connecticut, not Hawaii.

This means one of two things, either President Obama has falsified his information for his run for Presidency or President Obama lied to the IRS, which can carry substantial penalties.

The question is, what happens if Obama is removed from office? Does Biden take over, since he was elected with Obama or does something else happen (Biden ran as a unit with President Obama. Biden ran for the vice-presidency, not the presidency). If Biden had run for president then Biden would be president now (the way that vice-presidents became vice-presidents initially was being second place in the elections). However, we now run presidents and vice-presidents on the same ticket, which (should) mean if one cannot be president then the other cannot be president.

This, therefore, begs the question of who will take over. Romney was the runner-up in the elections, so does that mean he takes over? Or is there another round of elections because the winning candidate used falsified information?

I, personally, suspect that there will be another round of elections if it is found that President Obama used falsified information to run for office. This is because the runner-up did not win, although there are also questions being asked about certain election irregularities (fraud) in California. It is all up to the Supreme Court.

One of my concerns is that the Supreme Court will be intimidated. It is my opinion that the entirety of the Supreme Court should send their relatives to hidden locations (preferably protected by people they trust) and that the US Armed Forces should not answer to President Obama or any of his appointees (but should answer to congress) until this is decided. This, however, is likely to be unconstitutional (to prevent Obama from commanding the armed forces).

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  1. Interesting - especially if verifiable and capable of convincing enough members of the Supreme Court. Otherwise its just another conspiracy theory that few will believe.