Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Immigration Reform -

BBC, Fox, and CBS each have an article up about the POTUS's plans for immigration reform. The various Senators and Congressmen who, along with President Obama, are pushing for immigration reform, are correct. We do need education reform. I however, question Washington D.C.'s ability to produce anything useful on the subject. Giving amnesty to illegal aliens already here is not the answer. Neither is attempting to enforce current border and immigration laws, with the amount of money that Congress has seen fit to throw at the problem in the past.

We should not just give citizenship to the millions of illegal immigrants who are already here, thus rewarding them for breaking US law, but neither can we leave the law its current state. As it is, the rewards for breaking US border and immigration law often outweigh the risks - for all parties involved. The fact of the matter is that the Mexican government has far tougher border laws than the US, with illegal immigration being a felony. My suggestion? Let the Federal Government come up with the immigration policy (quotas, requirements, etc.), and let the fifty states deal with those who come here illegally or are already here illegally. With fifty experiments in dealing with illegal immigrants going on, we'll probably find something that works...

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