Thursday, January 17, 2013

Defense Cuts, Pork Spending, War, and the Constitution

As Congress once again struggles with the exact same problems that created the "fiscal cliff", due to their simply kicking the can down the road, rather than actually doing something to solve the problem, the defense budget faces about $500,000,000,000 (500 billion) in spending cuts, and $4,000,000,000 (4 billion) in Stimulus cash has been spent on foreign "green" energy firms by the Federal government, all while we prepare to increase our involvement in Mali.

The DOD often wastes money, but unlike much of the rest of the government's spending, defense spending is actually provided for in the Constitution. Our multi-trillion dollar deficit, mostly a result of out of control spending on things not provided for in the Constitution - including not one, but two useless "stimulus packages". Our debt is too high, but cutting spending on one of the very few items that Congress is supposed to spend money on isn't going to fix the problem - even if the recipient of the money could use a bit of fiscal restraint itself.

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