Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why Gun Control is Doomed to Failure

I leave the paranoid ranting to the other twin. I'm just going to tell you why gun control will be stupider than the old Prohibition and the new War on Drugs.
Alcohol and drugs are both consumables. Firearms aren't - and there are already over 300,000,000 of them in country. Those firearms aren't going to be drank or snorted, they can be used multiple times, and the only limitation is ammunition (which is consumable, but easily obtained, and still would be, under an absolute ban).
Should we want more firearms, assuming a total gun ban and a willingness to break the law on the part of the citizen, there are two options - smuggle guns in, pretty much the same way that drugs are now, and that alcohol was during the prohibition, or make them ourselves. The most primitive of early firearms, the hand cannon, dates from the 1300s (although firearms didn't become a major military weapon until much later). One of the simplest modern firearms, the AK-47, has eight moving parts, and its original variant is capable of fully automatic fire. Given the modern tools that are available to everyone producing a firearm shouldn't be too hard. In fact, there's more than one manual for making firearms on your own, perhaps in your garage (if you have one). Given this, a complete ban on guns is laughable, even stupid, and doomed to failure.

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