Saturday, October 13, 2012

Al Qaeda Wants Holy War over Free Speech

I've just read the same article, on Fox News, and CBS about Al Qaeda's reaction to "demonstrators" killing three members of the State Department in Benghazi.
Here is my proposal for handling future embassy problems:

  1. In the event that "demonstrators", storm any US embassy - official or not - and kill the ambassador and staff we respond by completely destroying the city through saturation bombing.
  2. In the event that a US embassy is held hostage, all traffic in and out of the city will be cut off by US air power, and the US will drop one MOAB or TLAM-D on the city for every American or allied hostage killed.
  3. Should a nation's regular armed forces storm a US embassy, the US will saturation bomb the capital of said nation, in addition to performing a campaign of extermination against that nation's leadership.
A little draconian you say? Mean? Destructive?
Its better than  following Genghis Khan's example and destroying entire countries/empires in order to make the point that messing with ambassadors is a bad idea.

What about this proposed holy war on our free speech? Is that draconian? Mean? Destructive?
We face enemies who are ruthless, cruel, and who don't give a sh*t about any laws, especially the laws of war.

Personally, I'm waiting to see how the radical Muslim community reacts to this.

Update: Fox News has added some has added some significant information and commentary of its own to the original AP article that they posted. CBS' version is still unchanged.

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