Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mad Mike For World Dictator!

I'm going to vote for Michael Z. Williamson (aka Mad Mike) in 2012.

Here are my reasons:
His platform is basically a blood-fest of gratuitous violence against stupid people, and once the stupid people are all gone, he plans to abdicate to a, and I quote, "hot-looking redhead in leather and heels."

His efforts to kill all of the stupid people would lower unemployment, as he would need to hire people to run the wood-chippers. Also, those stupid people who are unemployed would be killed, and those stupid people with jobs would be killed, thus lowering the number of unemployed, and creating jobs for them.

At the end of his term, no one will want "Government Run Healthcare" because by then it will be synonymous with death.

There will be no gun control.

It will be entertaining.

One of his FAQs is "This seems like the work of some egomaniacal, gun toting sociopath."
His answer? "Thank You"

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